Di Facilitator presents C.U.T.S

January 2009 – Present (2 years 9 months)

Our focus is to create a truly unique, enjoyable experience for your guests! Every location and event is different and our cigar catering service is flexible to integrate very easily into your location; whether inside or outside, we have the solution and equipment to host an exclusive cigar event!

Our strategies involving booking and planning of the event varies from client to client and our personalized approach to gathering necessary event information has proved to be successful. Upon reviewing your event requirements, we will be able to advise you on event fees and cigar catering options.

We create a unique monthly cigar atmosphere promoting brands such as cognacs, scotch, and tobacco. Our unique cigar catering service is sure to impress guests as well as our displays and cigar experts who are always available to answer questions, cut or light cigars and facilitate cigar sales to interested guests. Indulge your guests, spice up your venue and have us host a completely unique catering service for your upcoming event!


We established this company because we wanted to showcase unique venues, latest cigars and other luxury ideas and make them available to the end user (general public) this way everyone wins. We have members of all ages but our core demographic is males/females, age 35-65 years of age who share a love of the leaf, scotch, cognac and new friends.


We are always pleased to welcome new guests who bring a breath of fresh air to the event. Let us know what you'd like to see at our next event - we would love to meet you!


Our Spokesperson

Seãn Johnson



Atlanta, GA 30305



Email: difacilitator@yahoo.com